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As a member of this community, you will join other women; daughters, mothers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and prayer warriors all genuine people with like-minds to give back to their community and support others in their personal journeys.  

What You’ll Get

  • Monthly get together activities

  • Guest Speakers

  • Book Club

  • Personal Development

  • Community Service Project Opportunities



I am a mother, influencer, and an author of the anthology Soul Talk Vol 2. Together with my fellow authors, we share our stories of child barrenness and loss, domestic abuse, and spiritual growth.

I desire to help others on their journey of self-love and self-compassion. My chapter is one of reflection, acceptance, courage, strength and my truth.  It is a piece of my journey that is just beginning. 


With God's grace I became free to metaphorically write my "new" chapter.  I am not perfect but I've been truly blessed by God.  He knows I have a kind heart of love and service.  I am loved.  I am a diamond.  I am a warrior.  I want others to be blessed as they read through 21 transformative stories of a man and women that let go and let God.

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